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Product Introduction
CPE casting film production line

CPE casting film production line

CPE casting film production line
CPE film has good heat sealing performance due to its low orientation;
CPE film has good flexibility and cold resistance, especially suitable for frozen packaging;
CPE film has high transparency and low haze;
Main uses of the product
1. CPE film through printing, bag making, suitable for: clothing, knitwear and flower packaging bag, document and photo album film, food packaging;
2. Other uses: food packaging, candy packaging (twisted conjunctiva), medicine packaging (infusion bag), in the field of photo album, folder and document, instead of PVC, synthetic paper, self-adhesive tape, business card holder and standing bag composite materials.
Product thickness: 0.03-0.12mm
Product width: 1600-3500mm
Product structure: three layer co extrusion


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